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Dutreil Law

Category: Ekonomi

Dutreil Law adalah peraturan di Perancis yang menagatur tradingterms  antara pemasokdan peretail , siinya a.l sbb: 

The Dutreil Law was voted in by parliament on August 2, 2005 after three years of negotiation. The main points of this complex law are as follows:

  • From January 1, 2006, back margins are limited to 20% of the invoice price, to be further reduced to 15% from January 2007.
  • Any discounts received on top of these back margins can be integrated into the buying price of the product as front margins (the difference between the customer price and the retailer cost of the product). This part of the law could ultimately reduce prices for consumers and lower backroom benefits for retailers.
  • Suppliers' tariffs can be altered according to each retail organisation. The government has yet to give its definition of 'retail organisation'.
  • It must be proven exactly which promotional services are being paid for through the back margin payments. Promotional co-operation therefore has to be expressed in terms of the percentage of each item sold to the retailer with whom the supplier has agreed to contract that promotion.
  • Fines will be very high for retailers that break the law.